LAND 121 - Field Vehicle and Trailer Capability

Phase 2C

LAND 121 Phase 2C consists of:

  • the complete replacement of all current FV&T for the Townsville based elements of the Army’s 3rd Brigade and replacement of the FV&T required to support Operational Preparedness Directive (OPD) requirements for the Air Force’s (AF) Amberley based 382 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron (ECCS) and 2 Air Field Defence Squadron (AFDS) with full specification FV&T that are generally available as military-off-the-shelf;
  • improvement in the condition of a small element of high readiness FV&T by the rotation of ex 3rd Brigade and AF FV&T that are deemed to be in good condition; and
  • the subsequent retirement of 10 percent of the current FV&T (being the same as the number of future FV&T that were acquired).

Source:  Department of Defence 07/07/03 - LAND 121 Ph2C Operational Concept Document

Public Information

Defence Materiel Organisation 19/08/03 - LAND 121 Ph2C Invitation to Register Interest (ITR)

Defence Materiel Organisation 19/08/03 - LAND 121 Ph2C ITR Statement of Requirement (SOR)