LAND 121 - Light Unprotected Field Vehicles and Trailers

Phase 3A

LAND 121 Phase 3A will be presented for first pass approval in early 2004.  LAND 121 Phase 3A aims to:

  • Replace the FV&T within 3 Bde, 10 FSB, 5 Avn Regt and the FV&T required for the RAAF's Amberley based units, and
  • Inspect and redistribute, cannibalise and dispose (as appropriate) the vehicles being replaced.

LAND 121 Phase 3A aims to identify and dispose of approximately 15-20% of the fleet and replace with a new range of Military Off The Shelf (MOTS) FV&T system.  By accomplishing this, the project aims to reduce the future support costs of maintaining the current fleet availability.

Phase 3A requires FV&T systems that are capable of deployment by land, sea, and air.  The Operational Concept Document (OCD) for the Deployable Joint Task Force (DJTF) FV&T systems has been endorsed by the DCSC, on 12 Dec 03, for use in the development of the Phase 3A Request for Tender (RFT). Mobility and deployment requirements are defined in the DJTF Functional & Performance Specification (FPS), reference J, for future FV&T capablility and addresses:

  • the mobility and deployment requirements for the proposed capability;
  • special mission or environmental requirements for deployment;
  • the expected number of deployments, exercise commitments and in barracks usage; plus
  • deployment scenarios.

Under Phase 3A Defence plans to acquire:

  • 2,146 unprotected lightweight/light Mercedes G-Wagon vehicles comprising eight mission system variants including a range of specialist modules such as canine, ambulance, surveillance and mobile command posts
  • 1,799 light and lightweight trailers

These vehicles, along with those being acquired under LAND 121 Phase 4, will replace the current Land Rover 4x4 and 6x6 fleets. Deliveries of Mercedes G-Wagon vehicles to Defence commenced in March 2011 in accordance with the acquisition schedule. While a preliminary roll-out of vehicles occurred in November 2011, the main roll out to Defence units is scheduled to take place during the period July 2012 – June 2015. Delivery of around 1800 matching Haulmark trailers is expected to occur over the same period.

Prime contractors are:

  • Light/Lightweight Capability: Mercedes-Benz Australia-Pacific Pty Ltd
  • Light/Lightweight Trailer Capability: Haulmark Trailers Australia


Department of Defence 04/07/04 - Integrated Logistic Support Concept for LAND 121 Ph3A

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