LAND121 - Protected Mobility Vehicle (Light)

Phase 4

Phase 4 is to provide around 1300 Protected Mobility Vehicles-Light (PMV-L) with companion trailers for command, liaison, utility and reconnaissance roles. This phase will replace around one third of the Land Rover Fleet. The PMV-L will provide an optimum balance of the requirements for survivability, mobility, payload, C4I readiness, usability and sustainability.

  • IMR will occur upon the completion and release of the supplies which are required to support the achievement of the IOC.
  • IOC will be achieved when sufficient capability has been acquired to equip a battlegroup.
  • LOT for this capability will be determined later in the project development process.
  • FOC will occur when the full scope of the project, including the mission, support and training systems, and facilities, if required, has been delivered and accepted into operational service.

The Australian Government and Thales Australia signed a contract on 5 October 2015 for the supply of 1100 Hawkei vehicles as part of the Land 121 Phase 4 project. The contract value is reported at AUD $1.3b with inititial production and full production to commence in 2016 and 2018 respectively.

Source:  Defence Capability Plan 15/05/12 - LAND 121 Phases 4 and 5
Image:  Thales Group 18/07/11 -

Public Information

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