LAND 121 - Unprotected Medium/Heavy Vehicles (Tactical Training)

Phase 5B

LAND 121 Phase 5B will complete the replacement of medium and heavy vehicles through the acquisition of unprotected vehicles to enable tactical training. It will acquire around 1100 vehicles and a number of modules and trailers.

Depending on the final acquisition strategy adopted, Defence may utilise existing procurement contracts.

  • IMR will occur upon the completion and release of the supplies which are required to support the achievement of the IOC.
  • IOC will be defined later in the project development process.
  • LOT is expected to be 15 years.

FOC will occur when the full scope of the project, including the mission, support and training systems, and facilities, if required, has been delivered and accepted into operational service.

Source: Defence Capability Plan 15/05/12 – LAND 121 Phases 4 and 5B

Public Information

Defence Capability Plan 16/08/11 – LAND 121 Phases 4, 5A, and 5B


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