About Us

Eggler was established in 2008 to meet the growing demand for high quality, practical-based education and professional development training programs within the Asia Pacific region.

In a few short years, the company has estabished itself as a world-leader in educating and training professional working in the fields of capability design, systems engineering and military technology.  We have now delivered our professional education and training services to more than 1000 students worldwide.

Our education and training programs are designed for anyone needing the most current, practice-based knowledge to solve complex system design problems of today and tomorrow. And both the capability design and system engineering workshops are highly effective in the design of social and technology based systems. We teach proven methods to unpick complexity and bring clarity to the design of new health systems or transport systems or complex defence systems or whatever your design need is.

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Eggler is a world leader in practice-based, foundation level technical education and training programs advancing organisational productivity and sustainability.


The design and delivery of cost-effective, world’s best practice-based technical education and professional development training programs needed to design complex social and technological systems.


When you engage Eggler, you can be assured our professional education and training programs are always delivered professionally using instructors with the highest possible ethical standards. The four cardinal values that drive our business are:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Independence

ISO 9001

We are an ISO 9001 compliant organisation committed to delivering quality education and training outcomes.



"Last April we hosted a couple of Eggler's courses. The outcome of these events was so positive that the Marine Corps is having Eggler return in September to provide additional training classes covering a Capability Definition Documents (CDD) Development Workshop and the five-day MBSE Workshop."

Senior Manager, USMC