Client Testimonials


Eggler Technology Training takes pride in not only delivering high-quality education and  training programs, but also developing lasting and positive relationships with its students. The testimonials listed below were given to the course instructor at the end of each course. 

Systems Engineering Courses

'I have been studying a Master of Systems Engineering this year. The great thing about the Eggler SE Workshop is that I've now finally learned 'how' to do systems engineering. Thanks for a first class course.' – delegate, United States Marine Corps (USMC)

'Great to see what the capability manager should do, and what CASG & the OEM are/should be doing below that. Excellent overview to see how it should all work together.' – delegate, Australian Department of Defence
'The tutorials were brilliant for reinforcing the lectures' – delegate, Australian Department of Defence
'Great training. I particularly enjoyed the interaction between the trainers and the PTV representatives' – delegate, Public Transport Victoria
'Overall, an excellent course and I'm sure I will use much of what I learnt in my day-to-day work' – delegate, Saab Technologies Australia

'The use of the Capability Architect tool was great. The examples were relevant, and the hands-on activities reinforced the theory' – delegate, Singapore Technology Kinetics
'The presenter delivery was excellent' – delegate, General Dynamics Land Systems   
‘The balance between workshops & presentations was good. It is clear that there is rich experience & understanding guiding the prepared materials’ – delegate, Ministry of Defence Brunei Darussalam
'The course was very helpful and I can see how I can apply what was learnt to my job' – delegate, Ministry of Defence Brunei Darussalam
'The general principles were well taught, and the workshops encouraged practicality' – delegate, Land Engineering Agency Australia
'Learning followed by immediate application assisted consolidation of learning & allowed questions to arise at timely points in the training' – delegate, Public Transport Victoria

'I found the workshop very useful. It exceeded my expectations in a number of ways' – delegate, Moog Australia
'Mark, Thank you very much for all your efforts towards travelling to India and teaching Systems Engineering fundamentals. Your course was very informative and interactive which gave the participants practices and examples. The course will help systems engineering certification aspirants....Thank you!!' – delegate, INCOSE India

Military Vehicle Technology Courses

'The instructor had execllent knowledge and a great ability to keep students fully engaged during the course. All the course material was well laid out - I'll be recomminging this course to all my co-workers.'  – delegate, US Marine Corps Materiel Systems Command

'Superb facilitation and very high quality learning materials. Thank you for an excellent course' – delegate, Moog Australia

'The real life examples and concepts allow me to understand vehicle performance much better' – delegate, Singapore Technology Kinetics

'Very professionally prepared and delivered. The theoretical parts of the course were detailed enough to lead further research if needed. The instuctors real life examples were excellent'  delegate, FNSS Defence Systems
'The tutorials were effective in reinforcing key concepts and equations' – delegate, Singapore Technology Kinetics

'The tutorials were great, and the last two days of the course were very interesting. Great to hear material delivered by an expert! Thanks Mark' – delegate, Australian Department of Defence
'Fantastic course' – delegate, Supacat Australia
'Thankyou, the course has been very helpful' – delegate, Ministry of Defence Brunei Darussalam

'Good mix of theory and practical work. Very good course!' – delegate, Singapore Technology Kinetics

'The course was well presented and Mark was always willing to answer questions' – delegate, Defence Materiel Organisation Australia
'Informative and relevant. I believe I will be a better design engineer for it' – delegate, Defence Science and Technology Group Australia
'Mark, the training was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was informative and useful' – delegate, NIMR Automotive 
'Great overview of a large range of material. Highly relevant & worthwhile. Thankyou' – delegate, Land Engineering Agency Australia

'Excellent course! Best course I have encountered. It gave a good mix of general information and theory' – delegate, Land Engineering Agency Australia
'This was a really comprehensive, well structured and delivered course.  Thank you.' – delegate, FNSS Defence Systems